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What is an NVQ Assessor? I need assessor training

Do you want to work as an assessor or verifier but don’t have the relevant qualifications to do so? Then look no further as you have come to the right place.

NVQ Jobs have partnered with one of the UK’s most reputable national vocational training providers that now also delivers the assessor and verifier courses.

Our knowledge, expertise and relationships in work based learning have paved the way to this exciting new collaboration.

On successful completion of the course you may have the opportunity to secure employment directly with the provider of the qualification. You will also be automatically registered on NVQ Jobs, the biggest employment site in the UK that specialises in jobs for assessors and verifiers.

If you would like to be contacted by a course advisor who can discuss the course requirements please email info@nvqjobs.com

Please indicate what course you are interested in when submitting your enquiry and include your contact details so that we can contact you accordingly.

What is an NVQ Assessor?

NVQ assessors support and assess learners that are working towards their National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs). An NVQ Assessor will assess and train learners in order for them to gain the occupational standards needed to achieve their qualification.

NVQ assessors plan and deliver NVQ training programmes and workshops, they work closely with their candidates and they are also expected to work closely with in house training staff and direct managers. They will provide feedback and guidance to learners as well as adhering to the standards of the NVQ awarding bodies.

What qualifications do I need to become an NVQ Assessor?

To assess and train candidates you must have an A1 Assessor TAQA or CAVA award, this is the most recent standard that NVQ Assessors must achieve in order to assess NVQs.
The CAVA, TAQA award, A1 Assessor award has replaced the former assessment qualifications D32 and D33.

Where can I train to become an NVQ Assessor?

We now provide the assessor and verifier course via a third party national vocational training company.

Companies and Education Providers that also deliver NVQ, CAVA,TAQA, A1 Assessor courses our listed in our training and advice centre. The NVQ Jobs training and advice section contains the necessary information that will help you achieve your Assessor qualifications.

I am a qualified NVQ Assessor? Where can I find jobs and employment?

The simplest and most popular method for NVQ Assessors and Interval Verifiers to find employment is to search our website. NVQ Jobs was established in 2003 it has thousands of jobs available, you can also register for jobs by email, this allows you to receive the latest NVQ Assessor and Internal Verifier jobs straight to your email inbox.

What subject areas can I assess learners in?

There are a number of different subjects NVQ Assessors can assess in, examples include Health and Social Care, Child Care and Early Years, Construction, Catering, Hospitality, Automotive etc.

What is an Internal Verifier?

Internal and external verifiers carry out quality checks on NVQ assessors and training centres that are delivering vocational training. They make sure that the assessment process is carried out properly.

What qualifications do I need to become an Internal Verifier?

You will need the following:

An NVQ Assessment qualification (A1/A2), TAQA, CAVA, experience of assessing in the same, or similar, occupational area to the one you will be verifying. You will also need the V1 award.

I would like an Apprenticeship, can you help me?

Yes we can, NVQ Jobs works with hundreds of training companies and employers that require apprentices.

We would like to advertise Courses and Events, can you help us?

Yes we have a searchable course database where you can list your courses.

How do I become an End Point Assessor?

NVQ jobs work with several assessor training companies that provide the course for End Point Assessors. Please contact our NVQ course training team for details.

How can I find jobs for End Point Assessors?

As NVQ Jobs is recognised as the market leader that specialises in Assessor jobs, training providers also use our services to appoint End Point Assessors. Please search the Assessor section on our website to view the latest End Point Assessment jobs. You can also sign up to our jobs by email service to make sure you are notified of the End Point assessor jobs when they are uploaded on our job board.

How do I choose an End Point Assessment Company? Where can I find End Point Assessment Providers?

You can find End Point Assessment organisations in our NVQ Training & Advice Centre.

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